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The Privacy Development Laboratory, as shown in previous e-mail, is an international and interdisciplinary initiative, which has also involved Data Protection Supervisors from 25 different Countries.
The Privacy Development Laboratory was established on 18 th November 2006 with the aim to develop and promote the message "the Citizen as protagonist" in his/her private, social and institutional domains. For this purpose, the Laboratory provides itself with an effective and efficient organization, essentially based on a meritocratic principle, and accommodates within its own structure an independent entity, which is a coalition of organizations and associations, named "Civicrazia".
The Privacy Development Laboratory activity, therefore, begins to spread like wildfire throughout Italy and puts together more than 4,000 national and international organizations and associations operating in the field of human rights. Afterwards, thanks to the involvement of Data Protection Supervisors from different Countries, the Laboratory assumes international features.
In order to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals (that is, protecting the person and human rights, promoting a full democracy and producing a qualitative leap in relations between citizens and public authorities), the Privacy Development Laboratory goes through several paths and concretely carries out many activities, in particular:

It undertakes, in Italy, the role of National Ombudsman, through the National Association of Italian Ombudsmen which joins, as an association, in the tight network of contacts that coordinates their activities with those of the Laboratory;
It sets up within its own organization an "Appeals Committee", through which the citizens can ask for some opinions on several matters related to the protection of human rights;
It proposes referendum to abrogate laws in order to achieve a fair relationship between representative and represented;
It organizes various events in the universities (La Sapienza University in Rome, the University of Washington - Italian headquarters - Rome, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, University of Modena, University of Chieti and so on), in schools and among people to raise awareness throughout the community towards an active and proactive action on issues of common interest for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
It provides itself with two online newspapers ( and ) and enhances its relations with the associations (particularly with 20 of them called "Guide associations") throughout the national territory by using different information tools (i.e. Civicrazia Web Action) in order to sponsor its own events and those of associations linked to it;
It obtained the establishment of a Commission from scratch in the Parliament, namely the Independent Commission for the Assessment, Transparency and Integrity of Public Administration;
It builds up worthwhile relationships at national level with many political leaders to whom are submitted several proposals in the field of Transparency, Meritocracy, Efficiency in the public services, in order to obtain a concrete and prompt protection of civil and political rights;

It refers to AGCOM (Independent Authority for the protection of communications) so that the associations have granted their right to gain a television space in the same way as the political parties. It made a petition and won it;
The Privacy Development Laboratory has been, therefore, invited on several television programmes of national and local, as well as public and private TV networks.

The Privacy Development Laboratory spreads over, meets with approval and positive opinions throughout the country and aims to be such as a leading example for all the European countries.